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Attend FDOT Work Program Public Hearing 10/28

Tell FDOT that you want other transportation priorities- including fixing existing roads, funding transit, and improving pedestrian and bicycle conditions- to be their priority! NOT the $9 billion fiasco of Tampa Bay Express Lanes (TBX).

This is your opportunity to press FDOT to disclose the financial nature of TBX. If they won’t say how this will be financed, then request that TBX be removed from the TIP (Transportation Improvement Plan) until they disclose the pro formas and financial information about project.

Attend the Meeting

FDOT Work Program Public Hearing

When: Wednesday, October 28, 4-6 p.m.

Where: Hillsborough County Planning Commission
Boardroom, 18th Floor
County Center
601 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602

More information about this hearing:

Public Hearing Info and Comments Link:

Five-year work program (topic of meeting) info is at:

Submit Comments

You can submit your comments about TBX at FDOT’s website for the project: Submit Comments

You can also email comments to Kirk Bogen, FDOT District 7 environmental engineer, at his email. These are due NO LATER than Oct. 29, per FDOT.

Share this with your friends and ask them to attend.
It is imperative that we continue to speak out with our opposition to this project! They work for us- these are our tax dollars, and they need to respect and listen to the demands of their constituents.

Our message is getting through- let’s continue to fight for the future we want and deserve!

#StopTBX #TransitNotTolls #NoRetreatTampa

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