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What’s Next – and how You can STOP TBX

It’s been a week since we shook up county government, put our transportation officials on notice, and changed forever how transportation gets planned in Tampa- and we are just getting started!

Thanks to YOU we accomplished some amazing WINs in the summer of 2015. Here are the highlights:

WINNING! In just 8 weeks, we:

  • Got the word out and educated hundreds at a community town hall on the exorbitantly over-priced, destructive and road-widening only focused $9 BILLION Tampa Bay Express (TBX) project
  • Mobilized a huge portion of the Bay area in opposition to TBX (Get the facts about TBX here)
  • Garnered extensive media coverage – on tv, radio, in print and online
  • Set a record for most participation by the public in a Metropolitan Planning Organization hearing
  • Turned out 425 citizens (360 in person, 65 online at goto meeting connection)
  • For over two hours, people spoke publicly and in opposition to TBX
  • Caused the chair of the MPO to require that FDOT listen to our demands, and promise to remove TBX from the TIP if they do not

What is Up Next

There is still a lot of work to do, and we need to mobilize ALL of Tampa Bay to Stop TBX!
We need your talent, help and energy to grow this effort.

Here’s what we need:
1) Volunteer / get involved with Sunshine Citizens
We have several committees with a distinct focus and game plan to help stop this disastrous plan. Which do you want to be a part of?
Environmental Impact
Outreach and Communications
Historic Preservation
Legal and Civil Rights
Oversight and Research

Hit our Volunteer form and let us know- we will send you all the details!

2) Take Online Actions and Tell Others!
Visit the online actions page

3) Attend Meetings and Speak Out Against TBX
We need you to attend any and all meetings- view calendar

4) Raise Funds/Donate for Actions
Help us fundraise, Donate and fight to save our urban core

Can you do one or all of the above? We are so close to turning a critical corner in our region. Your contribution today is needed to achieve a better plan for our community- one based on many modes of transportation, smarter growth and transit solutions.

Join our growing coalition of neighborhood associations, business owners, residents and related advocacy groups, as we actively fight for our vision of better choices, smarter growth and positive economic development for our area.

Let’s fight for the future we want and deserve! Thank you!

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