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2016 Election Guide Released, Candidates Endorsed

Tampa, Fla., October 21, 2016 – Today, Sunshine Citizens announced their endorsements for Hillsborough County Commission, for the 2016 General Election. Additionally, the group released an election guide.

For the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners, the group announced the following endorsements:
Hillsborough County Commissioner, District 1
Jeff Zampitella

Hillsborough County Commissioner, District 6
Patricia “Pat” Kemp

Hillsborough County Commissioner, District 3
Lesley “Les” Miller

A survey was distributed to candidates on the Hillsborough County, Florida general election ballot. Candidates were asked their position on the Tampa Bay Express (TBX) project, reasons for the position and their views/platform on transportation.

Sunshine Citizens is committed to: better transportation, transit solutions, smart growth and positive economic development for our area. As such, the group’s major special action committee for the last two years has been focused on halting the $6-9 billion boondoggle Tampa Bay Express (TBX) and advocating for comprehensive, multi-modal transportation with an emphasis on TRANSIT, first.

As a 501c4, Sunshine Citizens compiled an informational guide so that voters are aware of candidates’ positions on TBX and transportation in general. Where responses were provided, they are included; as are non-responses from candidates.

Download 2016 Election Guide.

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