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Miami’s experience raises questions about Tampa toll lanes

Tampa Tribune
Published: July 8, 2015

“A $2.5 billion plan to add express toll lanes to Tampa Bay freeways is a top goal in the next decade for state transportation officials.

Adding premium toll lanes alongside regular interstate traffic is an approach that already has reduced congestion on Interstate 95 in Miami, Florida Department of Transportation officials say, and they predict it will do the same at notorious bottlenecks on I-275 and I-4.

Average rush-hour travel speeds on I-95 have indeed improved, but the results aren’t all good: The speed of cars on northbound express lanes has repeatedly failed to meet state targets and accidents on toll lanes have led to gridlock on the freeway.

That leaves critics in Tampa skeptical that the investment in express lanes will pay off here because of the volume of traffic and a dearth of mass transit alternatives.”

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