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Tampa Bay Express Draft Master Plan

Impact on the neighborhoods surrounding the interstate. (parcel map)

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Familiarize yourself with the TBX project and how it affects Tampa’s urban core, and surrounding areas.

Project Maps

MP 4 : I-275 from North of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. to North of Bearss Avenue
Neighborhoods Affected: Tampa Heights, Old Seminole Heights, Southeast Seminole Heights, V.M.Ybor – all local historic districts

MP 3 : I-4 from I-275 to East of 5oth Street
Neighborhoods Affected: Ybor Heights, V.M.Ybor, Barrio Latino Local Historic District

MP 3 (3 of 4) : I-275 from South of SR 60 to North of MLK Boulevard (3)
Neighborhoods Affected: West Tampa, Northern Downtown/North Franklin Street, Tampa Heights

All segments

You can view all segments of the project, and download individual files based on location, at this page: http://www.tampabayexpress.com/master-plan/

  • It is Past Time for FDOT to Stop the Single Minded Approach…

    Statement by Howard Harris, Jr. All Tampa Bay should oppose the proposed I-275 toll road. First, the proposed plan will destroy 100 homes, 30 businesses, public gardens, and a community center in the Tampa Heights-Seminole Heights area. It would contaminate these two neighborhoods with a cesspool of noise and air...

  • Tampa’s Transportation Planning Policies – A statement against TBX

    By: Howard Harris Tampa is changing. One way streets are disappearing. They use to transport people from Pasco County and Plum Nellie (Plum out of town and Nearly out of the county) into the city in the mornings and out in the evening. That scenario has changed. Tampa’s dense urban...

  • IMG_1452

    How FDOT destroys the Urban core…

    An interstate should never have been built through the middle of communities. This was a mistake and a major design flaw. Many state DOT departments are still reading from Robert Moses’s handbook. Taken from 5 things NYC can blame on Robert Moses The “Cross Bronx,” as it is known colloquially,...

  • Why Stop TBX?

    Why is TBX such a bad plan? TBX is really about ethical and unethical, it’s about a strong future or going backwards. TBX’s lexus lanes are a perfect example of lobbying at its finest, and implementing a system that will truly rip off the citizens of dense urban areas who...

  • Miami’s experience raises questions about Tampa toll lanes

    CHRISTOPHER O’DONNELL Tampa Tribune Published: July 8, 2015 “A $2.5 billion plan to add express toll lanes to Tampa Bay freeways is a top goal in the next decade for state transportation officials. Adding premium toll lanes alongside regular interstate traffic is an approach that already has reduced congestion on...