Contact Your Elected Officials

Contact your representatives and tell them you don’t want TBX. Tell them how you feel in your own words, or feel free to use this copy/modify as you wish:

I am writing to you to ask for your support as your constituent. I want the FDOT’s Tampa Bay Express (TBX) project removed from the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) of Hillsborough County and from the FDOT 5 Year Work Program. At a projected cost of $9 billion dollars, TBX will destroy irreplaceable community assets yet not substantially alleviate congestion. The plan places valuable transportation funding into just one project, when our region needs multi modal solutions and transit. Furthermore, TBX introduces variable rate tolls that tax citizens twice- once for building the road, and continuously to use it. I do not support the FDOT’s plan, which repeats the same mistakes of the past, again and again, with no more effective outcome. I urge you to remove the TBX plan from both short range and long range comprehensive transportation plans. I want multi modal transportation options that fix existing roadways all over the county and include safer streets, transit, walkable places and not the same answer of just widening the highway.

Send your message to:

Florida Senate

Senator FL Senate District Phone Number Email Transportation related committees
Dana Young (R) 18 (813) 835-2270
Darryl Rouson (D 19 (727) 552-3200 Committee on Transportation
Tom Lee (R) 20 (813) 653-7061
Bill Galvalno (R) 21 (813) 835-2270
Jeff Brandes (R) 24 (727) 563-2100 Chair of Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development
Joe Negron (R) 25 (772) 219-1665

Florida House of Repesentatives

Represenatitve FL Rep District Phone Number Email Transportation related committees
Richard Corcoran (R) – Speaker of the House 37 (813) 792-5177
Jake Raburn (R) 57 (813) 653-7097
Dan Raulerson (R) 58 (813) 757-9110
Ross Spano (R) 59 (813) 744-6256
Jackie Toledo (R) 60 (850) 717-5060 Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee
Sean Shaw (D) 61 (850) 717-5061
Janet Cruz (D) 62 (813) 673-4673
Shawn Harrison (R) 63 (813) 910-3277
James Grant (R) 64 (813) 265-6272
Wengay Newton, Sr. (D) 70 (850) 717-5070 Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee

Hillsborough County Commission

Contact all commissioners

Commissioner Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr., Chair, Metropolitan Planning Organization Board
P: 813-272-5720 F: 813-272-7048 Email

Metropolitan Planning Organization

General Contact
Beth Alden, MPO Executive Director
P: (813) 273-3774 ext. 318 Email