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Statement – Regarding public-funded entities backing TBX


May 2, 2016

Sunshine Citizens Statement 

Regarding announcement of tbxyes website.

Tampa, Fla.- May 2, 2016 – Today, Sunshine Citizens released the following statement:

Upon reading the announcement today of a coalition in support of the Tampa Bay Express (TBX) project, we are shocked and outraged by the clear conflict of interest inherent in this effort and in particular at government-funded organizations’ participation.

Why are entities that are funded by public dollars fighting against the public?

The Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation, the Tampa Bay Partnership, the Tampa Downtown Partnership, Tampa International Airport and Port Tampa Bay have no business using taxpayer money to fight against the public and the wishes of those taxpayers, who have very effectively and continuously expressed their opposition to Tampa Bay Express for over a year.

TBX has been named one of the worst highway projects in the nation,(1) drawing negative commentary and attention to our region by noted transportation experts, including Gabe Klein who said that plans to add express lanes to Interstate 275 are nationally regarded as a “boondoggle” and called the proposal the “worst project” he’s seen in years of traveling the country.(2)

Instead of ignoring the desires of the community to stop the destruction of TBX and implement comprehensive multi-modal transportation, these government-funded groups should be working with the community and FDOT to develop a win-win solution that stresses supporting the revitalized urban core and creates systems that more effectively and efficiently move people and goods. The billions of dollars in the TBX project should be invested instead in comprehensive transportation systems that will help attract top talent, draw relocation by innovative firms and private sector investment, and drive unprecedented economic development.

Sunshine Citizens, the Stop TBX Coalition, and concerned citizens remain committed to opposing this too costly, short-sighted project that squanders crucial transportation funds, destroys historic Tampa and does not meet the community’s transportation needs.


(1)For more information on the “Highway Boondoggles 2” report, please see this statement:

(2) Tampa Bay Business Journal

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